Dimensioned Signage POG Display

      Adopting POG capacitive sensing as an interface technology in high human user interface, high visibility and high water-proof applications such as digital media players, HMI display, Digital Signage, etc has created demand for this technology in more traditional industrial applications. This demand has led to significant innovation, and several competitive technologies are available. While these technologies each have their respective differences, the underlying principle is the measurement of capacitance between a plate (the sensor) and its environment.
      The POG architecture allows ODM to incorporate multiple capacitive sensing design elements into an application. Buttons, sliders, touchpads, and proximity detectors are supported simultaneously with the same device in the same circuit. Use POG to scan capacitive sensors and use the activation status to drive LEDs, control a motor, up/down elevator, LCD brightness adjustment, OCD control, and so on. A concept called dynamic reconfiguration enables the POG application to use more than 100 percent of the system resources by reconfiguring as needed on-the-fly.
      The function of a button is to determine the presence or absence of a conductive object. A typical application of a CapSense button is to sense the presence of a finger. Shape: The recommended shape for sensing a finger press is a solid round pattern as shown in below picture.
      Touch sensors have been around for years, but recent advances in mixed signal programmable devices are making capacitance-based touch sensors a practical and value-added alternative to mechanical switches in a wide range of industrial products. Asda POG technology walks through a various examples of a touch-sensitive button that can be actuated through a thick glass overlay.
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