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Asda ICT unveils the new military grade panel PC & display for mission critical market
      New Taipei, Taiwan, August 26th, 2011 – Today, Asda ICT new military grade panel PCs and LCD displays are designed for the use in ultra-extremely critical environments and rough weather conditions. This ultra-tough design was developed to survive both military and industrial applications. These systems are MIL-STD 810F compliant. We also offer a customized system with MIL-461E to fit very unique requirements.

      The new announcing products were shown in Taiwan Exhibition for Military, the Taipei Aerospace & Defense Technology Exhibition(, where the professional audience was astonished by our product range, availability, ruggedness and flexibility in customizing these products.

      Asda’s expertise in rugged system enclosure design combined with industry-leading portfolio of application-ready boards and platforms provides military contractors with a best-in-class systems designer under one roof.

- Expertise in ruggedization, certification, full system integration and total custom solutions.
- Extended product lifecycle management with long-term support.
- Strategic partnerships that leverage the latest technology immediately as it’s available (Intel, Freescale, Arm, WinRiver, etc.)
- Dedicated military teams with experienced knowledge

  About Asda  
      Asda is a technology leader in embedded computing technology. With more than 25% of its employees in R&D, Asda creates many of the experienced SOP to follow the standard that drive and integrate the world’s embedded computing platforms. Asda ICT’s product longevity, engineering, support, and value-added services helps to create a sustainable and viable industrial control solution for ODMs and system integrators.

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