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Asda ICT announce the patent, A Waterproof Structure for Electronic Devices.
      New Taipei, Taiwan, Jan. 7th, 2011 – Today, Asda ICT announce the patent, A Waterproof Structure for Electronic Devices to avoid coolant or moisture contamination intruding into electronic devices.

Field of the Invention
      The patent relates to a monitor or a keyboard device, more particularly to a keyboard device having a waterproof structure capable of applying into a moisture condition in the environment.

Background of the Invention
      Presently, coolant is essential to a machine or tapping center during the machining process. Most of computer numeric control machine or tapping centers equipped with at least one monitor for monitoring the machining condition and parameters, and at least a keyboard for operating the machine and inputting parameters and programs. The monitor and keyboard are contacted by process engineers or operators frequently. As a result, a lot coolant or moisture is easily transferred onto the monitor and keyboard by the process engineers or operators. The coolant or moisture remaining on the monitor and keyboard impacts the lifetime of monitor and keyboard, especially to the print circuit board assembly (PCBA), in order to prevent the coolant or moisture intrude into inside of the monitor and keyboard becoming a important subject. For solving the problem, Asda ICT’s R&D engineers invented an exquisite waterproof structure for monitor and keyboard devices to prevent coolant or moisture contaminating the PCBA.

Summary of the Invention
      An object of the present invention is to provide a monitor or keyboard device having a waterproof structure, which includes two waterproof layers to avoid coolant or moisture going to the devices for protecting the PCBA to have longer lifetime than regular design.

  About Asda  
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