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Asda ICT reinvents legacy display to be part of Earth Protection.
      New Taipei City, Taiwan, Dec. 5th, 2011 – Asda ICT unveils it’s new solution to extend her display technology to build its CEM service capability to enhance and sustain the customer various needs.

      Our mission is to provide a customized legacy display replacement which meet from factory floor equipment, to surveillance, avionics and marine applications, to hospital and clean-room environments based on Asda ICT’s display technology. We provide the flexibility to swiftly evolve our products in line with technological advancements in terms of Customized replacement, Serviceability, and Reliability. The most important is not only users to keep their previous investment on the equipment, but also give our hand for earth protection.

      With today fast-emerging technological advancements, most of companies are finding it very tough to support their legacy monitor product lines. Replacements for the once-popular MGA,EGA, CGA or MDA TTL monitor standards for older systems are almost impossible to find. Asda ICT is the answer. If they are not already compatible, Asda ICT display technology can be configured to accept these legacy TTL digital input standards.

      In addition, we've added touch screens, magnetic shields, NVIS night vision capability, and sunlight-readable capability to various models. To suit your particular display need, we can configure these quality LCD monitors to operate with the wide variety of video formats these older, legacy CRT monitor systems often employed, such as; 16 color CGA and 64-color EGA TTL formats, RS-170 and RS343 composite analog Sync-on-Green (SOG) formats, and other variations. We also designed solutions for even more specialized input requirements such as differential digital and analog video input, Automatic Gain control composite video, and others.

Innovative ODM Service Model
      Asda ICT help our customers reduce their time-to-market and gain a competitive advantage with experienced SOP to achieve better QCDS for customers. The business and working model for the ODM at Asda called Customer Engagement Models (CEM), CEM workflow is designed to be seamless integrated from customer’s requirements to mass production until whole product life cycle.

  About Asda  
      Asda is a technology leader in embedded computing technology. With more than 25% of its employees in R&D, Asda creates many of the experienced SOP to follow the standard that drive and integrate the world’s embedded computing platforms. Asda ICT’s product longevity, engineering, support, and value-added services helps to create a sustainable and viable industrial control solution for ODMs and system integrators

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