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ADB-1000 new display technology Introduced for Demanding Industrial Applications
      New Taipei, Taiwan, August 11th, 2011 – Today, Asda ICT new industrial-grade Panel PCs were introduced. The ADB-1000 is a dual channel graphics and video processing A/D board for Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) monitors incorporating Picture in Picture, up to WUXGA(1920x1200) output resolutions. The ADB-1000 provides all key A/D board functions required for image capture, processing and display timing control. Functions include a high-speed triple-ADC and PLL, DVI receiver, high quality zoom and shrink scaling engines, Motion Adaptive De-Interlacing (MADI), Low Angle Diagonal Interpolation (LADI), an exquisite on-screen display (OSD), a on-chip micro-controller, and a dual channel LVDS transmitter for interface to displays with screen split solution . With all these functions integrated onto a single board, the ADB-1000 reduces the cost of high-end multimedia LCD monitors while maintaining a high degree of flexibility and quality.

      ASDA Industrial display kits series provides various industrial grade LCDs which are verified to work with all Intel embedded boards and systems. To better serve our industrial customers, we offer wide temperature, ruggedized, high brightness, Industrial grade panels with longevity supports. ASDA also offer panel customization services as follows: Backlight Enhancement, Touch panel integration, Optical bonding services and LVDS cable customization services. The Asda ICT application engineers will assist the designer with technical details and lead times.

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      Asda is a technology leader in embedded computing technology. With more than 25% of its employees in R&D, Asda creates many of the experienced SOP to follow the standard that drive and integrate the world’s embedded computing platforms. Asda ICT’s product longevity, engineering, support, and value-added services helps to create a sustainable and viable industrial control solution for ODMs and system integrators.

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