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Asda ICT announce the CEM (Customer Engagement Models) to increase customer value
       New Taipei, Taiwan, Jan. 7th, 2011 – Today, Asda ICT announce the CEM (Customer Engagement Models) to increase customer value. As a global leader in embedded computing technology on the industrial Control solutions, we help our customers reduce their time-to-market and gain a competitive advantage with products ranging from Computer-on-Modules to application-ready systems. The business model for the ODM called Customer Engagement Models (CEM)

      CEM(Customer Engagement Model) is a methodology to engage qualified partner to insure their success, and is a commitment to maximum partner’s satisfaction. Combining engineering competence with design capabilities, Asda ICT is a trustworthy partner for our CEM clients. We manufacture products which deliver higher ROI with lower resources required, while maintaining the highest standards. Our efficient workflow management gives birth to accelerated time-to-market.

      For key components or complete systems, Asda ICT provides quality service with its professional technology. Asda ICT respects customers' domain expertise and realizes their original concepts in tailor-made solutions. The large number of successful products and long-term partnerships are a constant to our commitment in this area.

      Asda ICT's ID team is capable of designing diverse enclosures based on customer requests. They make sure that the customers are satisfied with look-and-feel of the final products. Whether avant-garde or classic, the customers' desired designs can all be made reality.

CEM Objectives & Advantages:

  • Commit to time to market
  • Commit to maximum customer satisfaction
  • Provide most transparent communication channel
  • Provide most effective problem-solving capability
  • Dedicated team for Project Management
    » Program Manager – Application / Specification define / Component selection / Terms & Quotation.
    » Project manager -- NPDP / Pre-production control / Project management
    » Product Manager – Product management / Logistic management / Documentation / General support
  • Total Control service
    » Information flow with expertise & Value
  • Strict product development C0-C5 process
    » Hardware/ Mechanical / Software / Validation process
  • Advance management tools
    » PLM / Shop Floor Access, tracking & record for every single process of each product from initial
Deep Engineering knowledge base
» Focused efficiency tailored to various applications

  About Asda  
      Asda is a technology leader in embedded computing technology. With more than 25% of its employees in R&D, Asda creates many of the experienced SOP to follow the standard that drive and integrate the world’s embedded computing platforms. Asda ICT’s product longevity, engineering, support, and value-added services helps to create a sustainable and viable industrial control solution for ODMs and system integrators.

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