Strategic Partners

      The Asda ICT Partner Network makes it easy to expand your market and opportunities. The further more is to share the business benefit together. With unlimited access to development knowledge, manufacturing experience and a venue for promoting your Asda ICT complementary products, doing business with Asda ICT has never been easier. Whether you're a vendor of boards, displays, tools, mechanical, integration expert, middleware, or a consultant, the Asda ICT Partner Network has all the elements you need to succeed with Asda ICT-based network.

      Benefits of being an Asda ICT Partner Network member It's no secret that Asda ICT customers build the world's most advanced and exciting industrial solution by embedded computing technology, display optimized visibility. Expose your technology solutions to thousands of customers worldwide by joining the Asda ICT Partner Network. Members get access to comprehensive technical, product, and marketing resources that increase with your own level of commitment. Partners are truly empowered to make as much of the Asda as they desire. The Asda ICT Partner Network program has been built from the ground up to enable fast and easy technical enablement, generate your complementary products faster, and help you market your capabilities to the widest possible audience.

Business empowerment

‧ Leverage the Asda ICT brand —

recognized worldwide, you can use the Asda ICT Partner Network Logo in all facets of your marketing
‧ Showcase your company —
describe your products, services, and systems through our online Partner Directory
‧ Market your products directly to the Asda ICT community —
leverage the Asda ICT Bazaar to post evaluation software, demos, reference designs and BSPs where Asda ICT customers can get them immediately
‧ Access customers and other ecosystem members directly —
participate in community forums and open development projects
‧ Promote your products to Asda ICT sales and distribution —
drive awareness of your offerings into Asda ICT's own sales channel
Asda Certified Solution Partner Program (ACSPP)
Your project needs to be finalized and accomplished within a short time frame? You miss the necessary resources and know-how in your own Research & Development?
Asda's Customer Engagement Model (CEM) services and our Certified Design Partners offer the development of your carrier board. Experienced and skilled personnel care for and secure your successful project goal. Either sole Research & Development service or complete system integration – all is possible and served.
Certified Solution Partners (CSP) are qualified by Asda.
Criteria such as know-how and experience with complex Embedded-PC technologies, solid Industrial system integration expertise and industrial control field practice are significant and key requirements.
Besides the certification Asda requires a proactive communication and the participation in dedicated certain field solution architect trainings run by experienced Asda Field Application Engineers.
Please ask us and we will direct you to the appropriate window for your needs!

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