Industries Overview

  Asda ICT offers a scalable and customer centric industrial control solutions that best meet your business needs  

      Asda ICT's integrated industrial control solutions meet future challenges for different applications on different platforms. Our comprehensive solutions allow factory and various mission-critical area to improve business operations with the latest technologies. Combining advanced features with tested integration and reduced operational costs, Asda ICT offers talir-made solutions that best meet your business needs.

Industrial Automation
      Asda ICT offers open, scalable, and flexible platforms for Industrial Automation applications.

      Medical, clinical and healthcare settings have unique requirements for electronic products in terms of sealed units, thermal and acoustic properties, electromagnetic interference control, longevity, certification, and adherence to strict rules and regulations. Certifications such as UL60601-1, EN60601-1, and ISO 13485, ensure the quality of design and manufacturing of medical devices.

      Asda ICT is a Focus-Service medical display solutions provider offering highly integrated application-ready platforms for clinical IT, patient monitoring, automated diagnostics, therapy and surgical systems

      Asda ICT's high-performance, reliable and scalable embedded solutions help you optimize your assets and cope with performance demands from within the whole utilities, as well as a changing regulatory climate, new technologies and customer expectations from outside the company.  Asda ICT\'s solutions also will help minimize downtime and management efforts, while meeting compliance requirements.
      As a strong CEM (Customer Engagement Model) partner for all areas of the energy industry, we deliver tailor-made embedded computer technology

      Asda ICT’s Digital Surveillance provides rugged in-house platforms and comprehensive cost effective surveillance display technology which aims to serve a variety of mission critical applications focused on safety and security issues.

      Sophisticated products, technical support, and life-cycle and program management capabilities for defense contractors.

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