Asda’s expertise in rugged system enclosure design combined with industry-leading portfolio of application-ready boards and platforms provides medical firm with a best-in-class systems designer under one roof. With fossil fuels being used up at an ever increasing rate, energy is becoming the decisive economic factor. In the emerging markets, energy consumption is growing exponentially. A lot of money is being invested into energy generation and distribution in these markets. What is more, global warming will place extra demands on energy production, distribution and consumption management. This brings exciting opportunities for new technologies in the energy industry.

  Energy Systems  
      Asda designs and delivers energy CEM (Customer Engagement Models) semi-custom system solutions to energy channels – both Super SI and Local King. By leveraging a long track-record of engineering excellence, project management and manufacturing capabilities, Asda provides a unique blend of specialized systems design that can be custom-tailored to meet the most demanding requirements of our customers and program partners for all areas of the energy industry.

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