Industrial Systems

      Asda ICT’s new industrial displays including APC, OPC, and IPS products give designers the flexibility of full or semi-customization.

APC Series

Panel PCs
Panel PCs for Industrial Applications

     Asda Panel PC series provides rugged aluminum front bezel design with modular architecture to be used with hazardous and rugged environments and applications. This series supports
rear and VESA mounting with 4 versatile mounting bracket for easy installation. The series with all-in-one design concept quickly fulfill diverse vertical applications.

IPS Series

Industrial PC Solutions
Fanless Box PCs for Industrial Applications

     The design of ASDA IPS series of fanless box industrial computers focuses on slim size and light weight, as well as ASDA applies heat transfer calculation and analysis and chooses high thermal
conductive materials to eliminate the thermal impact problem to box computers applied in critical


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