The world's largest business database, the US firm's customers (Dun & Bradstreet) 10/20 held in the Taipei International Convention Center Ballroom on the third floor Grand "2016 D&B SME elite Award" Forum and awards ceremony, standing Vice Minister of Economic Affairs Yang Weifu issued special scene TOP 1000 MVP awards to McNair precision machinery, puricom enterprise, Also urged the whole hundred award-winning small business owners, in the fog of the global economic slump, to know how to stand on the shoulders of Giants campaign worldwide to create a success! Yang Cichang said Taiwan 138 million SMEs, which elected TOP 1000 SMEs elite, 2015 years of Taiwan's total exports of 9.7% ( about 273 million US dollars ), can be said to be very rare, is Taiwan the backbone of the export-led growth.


 "2016 D&B SMEs Elite Award" this year is third years held, by Economic Department SMEs at Guide, beauty business customer’s Taiwan branch hosted, Consortium corporate commercial development Institute organized, "export value network" Union partners: Star exhibition Bank ( Taiwan ), and in the Philip line, and China output into Bank, and long big information, and Taiwan HP information technology, and United States Owen's ( Hong Kong ), Porsche Taiwan joint. Through the national database than the export data of SMEs as well as large data, payments from financial stress index, indices, purchasing power index, the past 3 years the export performance, the export growth rate, export grade conditions, export performance from 30 million small and medium enterprises, selected the most export competitive power of 1000 companies. ASDA ICT C., LTD. is honored to win the awards. Because the awards based on objective data as a basis, without subjective judgment or external influence, so favored by the recognition and affirmation of the small-business owner!

  Awards ceremony guest gathered, produced official Institute led characters, including: Economic Department Yang Weifu Executive Minister, and Economic Department SMEs at Ye Yunlong Director, and Economic Department international trade Council trade development group Zhang Shuyi deputy leader, and beauty business customer’s Hong Kong and the Taiwan Director General Manager-Ming Joseph,, and beauty business customer’s Taiwan branch Sun Weizhen General Manager, and star exhibition Bank ( Taiwan ) enterprise and the institutions Bank CAI mingzhi implementation Director, and in the Philip line international logistics north Taiwan business at Wu weiwen Manager , The export-import Bank of China Liu Peizhen, General Manager of Ke, long big information is as beautiful as the associate and the Taiwan company Hu Shiwei, Chairman of information technology, visit the site address, the ceremony, and continued to act as presenters, is hope through concrete action, to express support for the award, as well as the Taiwan small and medium enterprises respect, access to TOP 1000 small business owners very happy and feel honored.


  Beauty business customer’s Hong Kong and the Taiwan Director General Manager-Ming Joseph, speech Shi talked about, export is Taiwan economic growth most main of drive force, by international market overall needs weak, and global industry competition increased, and China city capacity excess, and supply chain independent of exclusion effect, adverse factors interference, Taiwan export this year had hit history Shang even 17 black, is financial tsunami yilai most long recession records. However, there is still the outstanding SMEs cool battle, rushed out of the crowd, create excellent export performance, intelligent and strong, we have to admire these business leaders, won the customer’s SME elite Award for TOP 1000 praise deserved, and people cheer.